Devon Break in March
So, recently there was the Longleat Ghost Tour (needs some work), Expo & EuroCosplay (let's not go there right now), and Distant Worlds (really enjoyable). 

As ever I tend to look to the future though, and I'm looking right now at a non-anime-convention break in March. You may have something else planned, or not have the spare leave / cash / slightest inclination / will to travel that far... but we've enjoyed this for the last couple of years and it is a 'the more the merrier' affair.

But if you are interested...Collapse )

I should update properly some time, or at least try to make it two parts real update to one part event update ^_^;
In life... majorly tidying house, got a 'new' 12 year old car and already having problems, may get head shaved shortly, no Peru holiday this year due to Ailsa's impending operation (fingers crossed it goes well ;_; ), and the human race is still fairly depressing.  
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A rare post
Never seem to find the time to post much up on here. Been a busy and awkward year with considerably less socialising than I would like recently ;_; but looking forward to Ayacon in the near future!

As ever it seems to be Expo related stuff that inspires me to post. James and I are conducting our semi-regular survey in the search for the biggest trolls. Or to get get essential feedback on what we suck at and what we do passably well. I forget. It's here!

May Expo Masquerade
 Okay, link to the May Masquerade Form is now up! DO NOT SUBMIT BEFORE 30/04/2011! We *will* delete any entries that arrive on 29/04/2011!

The form mostly works ^_^;

Long Bank Holidays
Update on life: friends good, work less so. Same old same old!

Now have plans for those glorious long bank holidays, hope to bump into many people!
Heading to London this Thursday night, before heading to Southampton on the Saturday until the Monday.

Then Friday 29th will be in Bristol for Cosplay Clubnight and McFoster & Rackhams birthday-ness (shout if people need crash space)...
followed by the long drive up to Newcastle at some point on the 30th for Mili and Paul times.

*does the happy dance*

Party for Ailsa~
While I'm on LJ for a bit...

Ailsa has informed me that I'll be organising a party for her in September this year as it is her big three-o. She shares a birthday with many others such as Rachael (23rd September) and so the intention is to do it as a big bash for everyone.

I'll be looking for a venue in Bath or Bristol soon-ish but really want piles of people to come along so this is an appeal to you all to point out to me which weekends around the 23rd of September would be A Bad Idea.

Thanks all~

*subliminal message- donate to inspire me in my hour of unlaziness-*

Ah, to be wealthy and unemployed...
In the past, I believed that having a job was necessary not just for money but for personal fulfillment and satisfaction. This is definitely no longer the case. Really need to find the time to look for a new job.

Half marathon this Sunday- not looking forward to it but your generous charitable donations will help ^_~
Running tip of the day- don't buy the wrong Lucozade by mistake, as opening a carbonated energy drink after running for a couple of miles makes you very sticky and leaves you without much to drink ;_;
Made it to 8 miles in training, I'm sure the remaining 5 miles will just whizz by on the day.

Midlands Expo has already come and gone, but I have the triple whammy of Minami, Memorabilia, and Kitacon one weekend after another this month. If anyone is really keen to help out at Memorabilia then let me know, as with it sandwiched between conventions like that I suspect Ailsa and I will end up rather lonely there...

Devon holiday last weekend was largely great- board and card games, excessive quantities of food, pool and snooker, swimming, sauna, hot tubs, rambling, and nattering for less than I often pay for a simple hotel room makes me happy. Poor quality internet in the middle of nowhere doesn't surprise me but is quite an inconvenience.

I've seen the seven sins meme going around and had vague thoughts of completing it, but I generally get partway through a post and scrap it. We'll see.

This sort of thing
makes me so angry.

Well done love, rape victims have enough trouble reporting the crime and standing up to their attacker(s) without giving more ammunition to the 'cry wolf' issue.


Sponsor me!
Running the Bath Half Marathon and collecting for charity~

No shame in asking!

Bath Half Marathon
 On the 6th of March I am planning to collapse in the streets of Bath as GunstarVixen runs past and finishes the Bath Half Marathon.

I'll be wanting to drown my sorrows afterwards, but since I don't drink my plan was to stuff my face with foods instead. I haven't tried this 'Jimmys Spices' place in Bath but it fulfils the criteria of a) being near where the Bath Half ends and b) being plentiful and varied in its food for £10.99 at lunchtime.

I like being surrounded by lots of people, and thought I would extend this opportunity for you all to see me too tired to make even the most basic crude remark. Whether you want to poke me, fancy seeing other people that are there, or just wondered what the food was like- its all good. 

It may already be too late for me to make a booking- restaurants in Bath are packed out after the Bath Half but we'll see.

Invite others if you like, all good. Comment here or go to the horrid book of faces:


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